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Collaboration project, 2019

Collaborative Team: Olivia Howick, Jasmine Gilhooly, Jina Kim, Dan Vorley, Anteja Klimek

Client: British Airways

My role: Service Designer, Project manager, Exhibition installation and implementation

Duration: 7 months

Tutors: Ashley Hall, Laura Ferrarello, Andrew Slack

Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London


As we move towards a faster, more automated society we must consider how we can preserve our wellbeing when travelling the world. New hybrid aircraft technologies will drive sustainable low and slow travel. British Airways revives the magic of world travel, giving travellers permission to slow down and immerse themselves in experiences unique to the air.





S-LOW DOWN is a future flight experience that will address our wellness and sustainable living needs. New slow flight experiences will revive the magic of world travel, giving travellers permission to slow down and immerse themselves in experiences unique to the air.


Future generations will increasingly perceive health and well-being as the ultimate luxury, and there will be a growing need to rebalance our busy, tech-led lives.


In the future, we will find ourselves seeking experiences that allow us to slow down, to reconnect with the planet and to take time to build human relationships. Building on advancements in hybrid low altitude flying technologies, this experience will not only challenge future reliance on supersonic travel but will also offer a sustainable alternative.


As time increasingly becomes humankind's most luxurious commodity, S-LOW flying will give people the permission to step away from their hectic lives and enjoy the experience of seeing the world from a different perspective. Further techniques to calm the mind, such as yoga or art classes will complement the journey.

To showcase our concept and research our team created an immersive installation to simulate the benefits of slowness that could be experienced by viewers. The aim was to create a space to create a peaceful and reflective atmosphere to discuss the project, fitted with a future vision for British Airways graphics.

people_1 copy.jpg

The wonder of flying and the opportunity to become immersed in the sky will become an integral part of the holiday experience.

S-low down

Showing down the speed of our flight will enable us to spend time with one another, and take a step back from our increasingly hectic lives.

People_2_meditation copy.jpg

Engaging in meditative and physical practice will ensure passengers leave their flight feeling energised at their destination.



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