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My role: Project management, research, stakeholder management and analysis, prototyping, workshop planning, implementation and persona development

Project Brief

Kokoro is a Korean and Japanese takeaway restaurant and there are over 50 branches in the UK.  As its business is gradually growing, the company would like to manage the business strategically in a particular system to give a more pleasant experience for customers.

This project is a long term plan to lead an ambitious customer experience transformation programme as well as to improve the customer experience&satisfaction. The commissioner wants to improve the products and services they offered to their loyal customers and wishes to have more customers dine in their restaurant.



During the lockdown, the entire industry more or less came to a complete halt. Some restaurants remained open for delivery and takeaway, but the industry was a shadow of its pre-Covid-19 self.


It’s now much more challenging than it used to be to segment shoppers. The team worked with data from extensive studies, customer feedback and qualitative research to define a new Customer Personas set. These became important in support of cross-functional working, enabling everybody to talk about customers in the same way.

Kokoro saw these trends continuing and needed senior stakeholders to work together to imagine and anticipate how stores and technology should change in response.

KOKORO's Value Proposition

- The food is served quickly and of constant quality across different places.

- Continuation of quality of the food delivery or takeaway with a focus on safe food handling practices.


COVID 19 has changed customer expectations, needs, and behaviours.

Kokoro has continued to lead the way to offer choice and exceed customer expectations.



- Improve store experience with a new system

- New store staff programme

- Redesign of the existing and the new stores

- In store experience for a new shopping app

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